Just a few Services we offer

Residential and Boundary Survey

What is a boundary survey? A Boundary Survey is the process used to determine the property lines of a parcel of land. Boundary Surveys include the use of evidence on the property as well as current and historical ownership documentation, and documentation of adjoining properties. A skilled Professional Land Surveyor analyzes the evidence to create the precise location of property corners. In the State of Utah a Professional Land Surveyor is the licensed profession to create boundary survey.

Construction Survey & Layout

  •  Construction Staking and Building Layout
  • Utility Staking
  • Subdivision Staking
  • Subdivision Platting
  • Road and Bridge Layout
  • As-Built Surveys 
  • Volumetric Surveys 

Topographical survey Utah

 What is a topography survey?

Topographic surveys identify important characteristics about a defined area of the earth.

For a licensed surveyor, this includes identifying the contours of the ground and features that exist on the ground or slightly above or slightly beneath the earth's surface. This might include buildings, improvements, trees, bushes, sidewalks, and many other features. A topography survey might also include the boundaries of the property in question.

Volume Calculations & Mine

Mining Surveyors: Volumetric Calculations, Topography and As-Built Surveys


As a Utah land surveyor with over a decade of proven mine surveying expertise we're a reliable partner. Red Desert Land Surveying provides mining companies with a variety of specialized surveying applications. We regularly perform the following services for our mining clients:

*  Volume Calculations and Surveys

*  3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

*  Topographic Surveys

*  As-Built Surveys

*  Monitoring Surveys

Our surveying work for mines keeps us traveling to remote locations throughout the Intermountain West. If you're part of a mining operation and need an experienced surveyor to bid on your next project contact Red Desert Land Surveying.

Why measure volumes? Our clients request volume measurements for many reasons, primarily for keeping track of inventory. We measure piles with a high degree of accuracy and deliver our clients a visual / topographic report showing the details they're looking for. This can assist with both accounting and operational data that provides information support for best management practices.

UAV, Drone Topo, Aerial Survey

 Are you interested in employing drones to capture data points or imagery for a project you're working on? We employ the latest technology in the hands of our certified professionals to deliver stunning aerial surveys with reliable data. We work on very large projects, but there isn't anything too small either.  Contact us for a specialized quote. 

ALTA Boundary survey

Due Diligence for Commercial Buyers

ALTA / NSPS Surveys reduce risk for commercial real estate buyers. By providing reliable descriptions of the property in question, it's boundaries, improvements, easements, rights-of-way and other elements that might impact ownership, purchasers get a clear picture (and a physical drawing) of what they are buying.

This small step in due diligence can preserve your resources and protect the integrity of your real estate asset for future re-sale.

Title Insurance

We work closely with title companies who assist real estate buyers with their transactions in satisfying their due-diligence or qualification needs by providing ALTA Surveys. We strive to make the experience seemless for title insurers, meeting their deadlines and providing a reliable survey that meets the rigorous requirements of ALTA and NSPS.

Real Estate Professionals

Obtaining an ALTA Survey is a checklist item for many real estate professionals. Our objective is to make it a hassle-free experience, while meeting the budget of your clients. When selecting a surveyor to provide your next survey, discover the Red Desert difference. We manage the survey from start to finish with a professional team who ensures your transaction deadlines are met with confidence.